Carpenter Air Show

For the Carpenter 2023 Paris Air Show, I was brought on as a Creative Director with Fivestone Studios. With the team that had created the previous videos being unavailable, this project posed a unique challenge of elevating Carpenter Technology marketing videos with a more modern style. An additional factor to solve for was making videos with a dual purpose in working within both 16:9 and 9:16 displays at the event.

Fivestone CEO Traylor Woodall was appreciative of the effort, thanking me for being able to "Run with Scissors."

10 Animations in 12 weeks

We were tasked with reimagining 8 tron-styled videos into 10 photoreastic animations in an ambitious turnaround time

Multiple Outputs

We had to engineer outputs at both a 16:9 and a 9:16 Aspect Ratio. An interesting challenge

A VFX First Approach

With the client wanting to move towards photorealism, we moved towards a vfx first approach only creating CG imagery where necessary

This was my first time working with Fivestone Studios, and it was such a pleasure. It was rewarding to be trusted by such an experienced crew to game plan in a way I felt good about. We leaned more heavily on a Visual Effects workflow than the previous work which leaned heavier on full CGI. This resulted in a more realistic output that everyone was thrilled about.