Hectic Show Reel

In 2010, I founded "Hechtic Digital." More on that below. In 2018, "Hectic Digital" was sold to IVC. More on that HERE

Hectic Digital has always been a company of generalists creating content for anything that’s digitally created. Veterans of well over 200 projects, between film, broadcast, online, print, VR, AR.

Below is a compilation of some of the best work done at Hectic Digital over the years leading up to the acquisition.


Floorplan of workspaces for 13 artists. In times of 100% capacity, team members outside of the office were mixed with our greater team. Internal talent was always leveraged first to maintain quality control.

Tech Heavy

Over 500 cores of rendering power on-site utilizing a myriad of software, tools, and plugins to get jobs done. Every project was hand-crafted never relying on solutions straight out of the box.

Collaborative Space

In times where Hectic was not full-up with work, it was not uncommon for artists to swing by to hangout, share ideas, and work on their own personal endeavors. A great collaborative space for artists.

In 2010, I created a company called "Hechtic Digital." It was a play off of my last name of Hecht. By the time 2011 rolled in, I realized if the company was going anywhere I needed more full-time support. I partnered with Clayton Douglas, and we renamed the company to Hectic Digital losing the extra "h" from my last name.

We grew the company over the years working our way up through 3 office spaces landing ultimately on the space above. We ran the company independently for 7 years transforming it into one of the more reputable boutique Animation and Vfx studios in San Francisco. We worked on several high profile projects for the likes of HP, IMAX, Cisco, 2K Sports, Intel, Robert Half, Symantec, Sales Force, just to name a few.

We sold to InVision Communications on July 16th, of 2018 and became employees of InVision expanding out the video capabilities of the IVC agency.