IVC Connections

For the IVC Make Connections animation, I led a small team of 7 to create the video featured below from the ground up.

All branding and designs (created by Art Director Stephanie Donlin) are original, and all of the work was completed remotely as this project was started towards the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Art

This animation was a direct response to how things were changing greatly in our world during the pandemic. This was also the first time sharing IVC's new branding.


2.5 week turnaround! We worked tightly as a team remotely from our home offices due to covid. Although there were many involved, most of the work was completed by a team of 3.

Well received

There were 8 stakeholders on this project. Getting 8 people to agree on anything is normally impossible, but each rev was so strong that everyone was happy throughout and we completed the project quickly.

Below you can see some of our storyboards that led into the animations. I worked hand and hand with Art Director Steph Donlin to make sure we were on the same page aesthetically, but also to make sure everything we made in flat art would translate into animation.

The overall look is simple, but elegant. Balancing those two in a 4 color palette is difficult. I'm proud of how this turned out.