Interactive Reel

Most of my career has been working with Animation and Video, but there's a natural overlap with digital and interactive. The reel below is collection of experiences designed to increase audience engagement, that I’ve be involved in or led. While I'm very technical, I'm not a programmer so I would use my animation, storytelling, and technical know how to act as a go between for Animators, UX / UI Designers, and Software Engineers.

Diverse Projects

My principal background is in 3D Animation software. 3D naturally feeds into Real-time technology, and there are so many creative ways to leverage that. AR, VR, XR, UX, Touch Screens, Web GL, Mobile apps. Yep to all of them!

Technical Wizard

It takes deep technical knowledge to succeed in the digital / interactive space. You can build jaw-dropping beautiful imagery, but if it takes up too much computer memory, then the interactive experience will fail.

Audience Engagement

Storytelling & FUN are the pillars upon building engaging experiences. If the storytelling is poor, the audiences will be confused. Gamification is important: If it's not fun, audiences won't actively participate.

The lion share of my career has been either running an independent studio (Hectic Digital) servicing clients or freelancing for different companies. That has given me the opportunity to collaborate with so many different types of people and projects. Being exposed to all that goes wrong, and all that goes right on so many projects has really fed into building me into a very strong problem solver.

I'm able to take projects concept to completion.