2K Sports NBA2K

For NBA 2k15, I led a team of 6 artists at Hectic Digital to create custom animations for all 30 NBA teams. These animations would play inside of NBA 2k15, when a user chose a certain team to play a match.

I had regular meetings at Visual Concepts / 2k Sports to both win the initial work, and to craft our collaborative game plan.

Creative Animation

We really brought the NBA logos to life! If the logo had facial features, then we created controls to add character to it. If the logo was more inanimate we found a way to add life to it.

180 Outputs!

We did animations for all 30 NBA teams, yes..but there were multiple aspect ratios and special short versions that we created. All in all, 180 outputted movie files. Wow.

A great collaboration

We worked tightly with Visual Concepts, and the revs went along efficiently. It was such a success, we helped with NBA2k16 too. Future releases of NBA2k were handled internally by Visual concepts.

Looking back at this project I have such fond memories. I challenged our team to push the animations to the max! And while the lighting and shading under today's lens looks like it could be better, I think it really shows up still in the animation how creative they were.