Director's Reel

Welcome to my Director's Reel. Every clip in this montage video are from projects that I either Directed, Creative Directed, Art Directed, or Lead. I built and directed teams of 4 people all the way up to 78 people in the case of Metro6. While my bread and butter is directing for animation, I've worked quite a bit in live-action and the projects I work on tend to take on many skins.

Additionally, below is my Character Driven Stories Reel. With the new tools out today, character driven stories are attainable within much smaller budgets than ever before. Team size depends on the projects, but imagine workflows where you have 5 artists instead of 25, or 2 instead of 10. Enterprise-like results on boutique budgets.


Proven leader. Over 10 years experience leading teams of artists. Deep understanding of the artistic process and building successful workflows. Hands on collaborator with both in-house teams and clients.

Award Winning

Multi Award Winning Director. Multi Telly Award Winning Creative Director. Work selected at multiple Academy, BAFTA, and Canadian Screen Award Qualifying festivals.

Unique Resume

Founded and Sold an animation company. Created an internationally recognized award winning animated short. Close to 20 years experience between training and working in Animation.

I've worked very hard to get where I am. When I graduated animation school I aspired to work in feature film creating imaginary worlds, animating light saber fights, or crafting dynamic characters for global audiences. None of that happened.

A new path: I started a company. Sold that company. Made a short film. It was award winning & played around the world.

Nothing I've done has been easy. I've earned my success by problem solving, overcoming budget and time limitations on countless projects, and motivating people that sometimes didn't want to be motivated.