I directed a team of 78 artists in parallel across 17 different countries speaking 7 different native languages. I was able to motivate artists from across the globe to come together and create this animated short film that rivals the quality of a film from a big studio, but without utilizing a standard “mainstream” look.

The video below is a 46 second sneak peak into the Metro6 world. The full 8 minute movie is at the time being only available through festival screenings. In Q2 of 2021, Metro6 may become available to the public through a partner (more on that later).

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Has been accepted into 50 festivals worldwide to date, has won 5 times, and been nominated 13 other times. Here are some of our wins and nominations

Directors Statement

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Directors Statement

Metro6 is a comedy. While it's of course meant to make you laugh and smile (which is extra valuable in year 2020) the message behind the film is an important one.

Having grown up in San Francisco, I first started riding public transit alone at 8 years old. Being exposed to so many people of different races, sexualities, professions, and personalities in such small spaces helped to shape me into the person I am today. And having been raised by a hard-working single mother and never having met my father, I feel to a certain degree that the people of public transit and the city of San Francisco raised me.

Now in the year of COVID, protests, and with tensions continuing to rise, we are becoming more divided and are in danger of losing our sense of community. San Francisco, was once known for the Summer of Love. That has given way in recent years to a more corporate culture and we've lost some of our soul and what it means to be San Franciscans. As bad as this year has been, we now have an opportunity to relearn to be human and fix parts of our society that have been broken.

“Metro6” follows Zak, a soulless character who doesn’t know the true sense of community. He’s so absorbed in the technology in front of him that he doesn’t notice the rich community around him. It was never Zak’s intention to take the bus on this fateful day, but the lessons he learns on his 8-minute action-packed bus ride are both unexpected and deeply important. In the face of adversity, Zak and his fellow passengers must learn to look after each other; in the end, Zak comes to understand the true value of community. This message has never been more important as we are struggling to come to terms with new realities; we, too, need to come together as a community while breaking down barriers as we remake this world.