The Near Future. The Mañana Cabana.

8 week schedule. 5 weeks for post-production. 60+ Vfx shots including a CG tiger, an underwater ocean scene, and a good amount character animation. As you'll see in the breakdowns below, there was just so much involved from a creation standpoint to put this together. This was a very ambitious project.

This was a very rewarding project being able to plan out everything starting with pre-production, to be on the live-action set as a Vfx Supervisor for the production, and to be the Post Production Supervisor leading our team of 14 to close out the project.

Remote collaboration

6 years previously, 1P handled another project in this Near Future series. The big difference this time, was most of the creation was done remotely.

Character Animation

On a 5 week schedule, character animation for three characters is a lot to ask for. Knowing we were short on time, we approached everything differently.

Experimental Workflows

All in all we utilized 28 different softwares / tools, many of which were experimental ML and AI tools.

This was a great project with over 60+ people involved, actors flying into each shoot location from around the country. I was proud to lead the post production team, and I felt that my experience with character animation on Metro6 and other projects really prepared me to be mentally ready to do the same thing in a fraction of the same time. It was amazing to work as second in command under Director David Mackie and grow as a Director myself.

Here's what Mackie had to say about the work we did at First Person (1P): "Big thanks for 1P on the Manana Cabana ….. it all worked out great … me and Lisa are chuffed … want to let you know that Geoff, Cam and Jess did really great job, as well as the design team."