Atlassian Team Tour21

For Atlassian Team Tour 21, I led a small team of artists to create a promotional video that you can see below.

As you'll see in the breakdowns below, there was a ton of creativity involved using Vfx to give stock footage a cohesive look. We created a visual library of animated elelments that either led your eye from shot to shot, or punctuated the storytelling.


Colorful animated swoops added some nice branded colors throughout and they were super fun!

Hidden VFX

The use of hidden vfx really helped storytelling throughout.

Award Winning

Ultimately, this project won two Silver Tellys.
Listings here & here.

From start to finish this project was completed in an escallated timeline of 3 weeks. It was a unique project for me in that I was working remotely on it while traveling for film festivals (touring with my film Metro6). So in 3 weeks, I started and competed the project while working from 3 different states (California, Texas, Nevada).