GCX VHM-P Sizzle

GCX has been a long term relationship of mine. Their projects tend to be smaller in size, so completing a photorealistic animation where we would see their VHM-P arm in multiple environments was very ambitious.

We utilized photogrammetry to give our environments depth while retaining realism. I worked with our in-house team at Hectic Digital to adjust materials, mix colors, and blend the CG with the environments for a very convincing result.

Multiple Outputs

To break up the work, we decided to create a series of high resolution stills that could first be used in print and online.

2 in 1 Planning

Once we approved each room, we chose the order they would display within the animation. The stills doubled as storyboards for the animation.

Environment Creation

We created layers for our background in photoshop and projectioned those layers onto simple 3D geometry we created.

When we receive 3D CAD files, by default there are no materials. We convert the CADs for our animation software (in this case that's Autodesk Maya), and add materials and lighting so that the surfaces are believable and real.